Sunday, October 5, 2008

The life and times of Savannah....

Our daughter has no fears... she's learned to climb up on the couch and now I have to sing a little song to get her to sit down. It goes something like this....
"Sit on your butt, sit on your butt, sit on your butt."
It's not that catchy, but she seems to like it and she sits down.
We captured a few of her adventures since we've been home from vacation.
The first one was last Sunday when Savannah took it upon herself to get into the Vaseline while Pat and I were reading the newspapers. I knew she was being too quiet so I looked down and she had Vaseline in her hair, all over her face and shirt and on the newspapers she was looking at.
It took about eight tries to get all of the Vaseline out of her hair and she had an oily sheen for a few days... but she's better now.
The second picture is part of Savannah's daily ritual... she likes to climb into the plastic container  I keep in the living room for her toys.
I've captured her inside the toybox numerous times, but have never been able to catch her on camera... until now.
I snapped the third picture this morning as I was trying to cut the coupons... Savannah loves to play in the leftover paper... she loves throwing it around!

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Megan said...

OK, that Vaseline pic is awesome! :) And, that second photo of her in the toybox, the expression on her face reminds me of a face Pat used to make at work sometimes. :)