Sunday, October 5, 2008

Clothes, clothes and more clothes...

It seems like I could have started my own girls' clothing store today.
This afternoon, I took all of Savannah's clothes from last fall and winter and put them in a church consignment sale. We've been saving them in hopes of either passing them on to someone else or using them ourselves if we had another girl.
I put 43 pieces of clothing (many of them two-piece outfits) and five pairs of shoes in the sale. This consignment sale allows you to set the price and you get 65 percent of the sales price. 
All of the money we make will go into Savannah's penny bank and then into her savings account. I've agreed to donate whatever doesn't sell to charity, but I set my prices fair enough that I think we'll make money on most of it.
The great thing is I can track all of the sales over the computer because each piece had a barcode that will be scanned when the sale is made. 
I'll let everyone know how much we make... Pat is doubtful we'll make as much as we put in (because I had to buy special paper to print the tags, rubber bands and certain sized safety pins.
After dinner and watching the boob toob tonight, I put away all of Savannah's summer clothes. I filled a big moving box with warm-weathered clothes and now Savannah's room looks livable again.
 If this consignment sale goes well than I'll take those clothes out in the spring and put them in the next sale.

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