Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Hubby....

Every woman dreams of the man she's one day going  to marry. It took me 33 years of dreaming, dating and waiting (mostly waiting) before I found my Mr. Right.
And he's been worth every minute of the wait.
Today is Pat's 42 birthday... and we're celebrating this afternoon with an early movie and dinner in Harrisonburg. Our niece, Samantha, has agreed  to watch Savannah for a few hours so we can have a "date evening."
I've actually been working on a birthday video for Pat, but it's stuck on our laptop... which is dead until we get the new power cord.
So you'll have to read my sappy words instead.
There is a lot about Pat that I could tell you... but he reads this blog and would be too embarrassed to see all this lovey dovey stuff about him.
So instead I'll just tell you how lucky I feel to have such a wonderful husband... right after we married I was going through boxes and found a list I had made for myself about the qualities I wanted in a husband.
I wrote the list years earlier during one of my many "thinking about life" phases... and Pat had every quality on my list.
Among those qualities I wanted in a husband was someone with strength, caring, warmth, passion and honesty. Pat has all of  those and many more and I'm the lucky benefactor.
He's taken care of our little family for the last 17 months and has done a damn good job of it... even if it meant sacrificing things he would like to do himself.
Pat is a good father... and Savannah and Julius will reap those benefits in the years ahead, I'm sure. I always wanted my children to grow up being certain of their parents love and Savannah hears that from both of us numerous times a day.
Happy Birthday honey... I wish there were enough words I could type on  this blog to let you know how blessed my life is to have you and our daughter in it.
I love you very much and am so very happy and proud to be your wife.
Now, you can call me weird.....

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Ms. F said...

Happy Birthday Pat! I hope you have a wonderful day and year ahead!