Thursday, August 7, 2008

Victim of theft...

Pat came home tonight and discovered that during the day someone had stolen six of our pathway lights. They apparently walked half way up the driveway and took the lights out of the ground.
He drove around the neighborhood looking for our missing lights, but didn't find anything.
We're assuming it was kids because there is no way someone could have driven up the driveway without them having to back down and I would have seen a vehicle.
It's a little scary to know that someone would steal right under your nose.

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Ms. F said...

You would be surprised, last weekend I got into the truck and James' wallet was laying in the other seat wide open, I know he would not have left it like that so someone had been in the truck looking for money. Lucky for us, he does not carry money in his wallet, just his drivers lisc, and business cards. He had forgotten to lock up the doors before he got out the night before.

But yeah yours were probarly some kids who sold them for a few bucks.