Thursday, August 7, 2008

Singing Elvis...

I thought I had seen almost everything strange and unusual that deals with Elvis, but today topped anything I've ever seen.
I stopped by Tuesday Morning in my search of stickers for my in-laws anniversary invitations. As I was leaving the store I heard someone say "Hello darling" and looked over to see a life-size bust of Elvis on the counter.
He talks and sings and even makes the little snarl with his lip... and he looks like the young Elvis so that is a bonus.
It was the strangest thing I've seen so I came home and looked him up... and the wonderful YouTube had a video of the bust so you can see him yourself.
Apparently he retails for $170, but our local Tuesday Morning has five Elvis' for the bargain-basement price of $60 each.


Ms. F said...

OMG! I have seen everything now! I wonder if that is really his voice, I mean did they use tapes of him or a impersonator?

Sharon's New Life said...

It's actually his voice... there are several YouTube videos that talk about this "bust." It's sort of frightening really... It's like one of those talking fish except that it's Elvis.
Strange indeed!

Ms. F said...

LOL I was telling momma about the video last night and we were saying we didn't remember him ever saying "Hello Darlin" or "Elvis has left the building"

You would really have to be a fanatic to have this in your home!