Friday, August 15, 2008

Emptying the piggy bank...

Savannah and I emptied her piggy bank today so we could put it in her savings account in Virginia Beach on Monday. Inside the bank were four pounds of coins and bills her father and I (mostly her Daddy) have put in there over the last few months.
There were also a few bills — the $20 birthday gift from her Uncle Andy and a few bills that I put in there... I'm almost positive those were from her Aunt Lynn.
The only coin I left was the 1925 silver dollar I brought home from Daddy's collection after he died...  my brother brought it home to him years ago after finding it along the railroad tracks. It meant something to Daddy and was the only thing of his that I brought back from Georgia after his death.
I want Savannah to have that coin and I figured the best place to put it was in her piggy bank. I just have to remember to sift it out every time we get ready to deposit money into her savings account.
Piggy banks will forever remind me of Daddy because he was always asking about coins and saving money... that way he always had some money even when the paper money was scarce in the house.
I had given him a handful of change when I was home in May and he was excited to have it... I never dreamed it would be the last coins I would give him.

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Megan said...

I think coins and coin collecting are neat. I haven't done much lately, but I had several small coin collections going when I was a kid. Some of the coins that I still have that I think are neat are silver dollars or half-dollars that my granddads would give me when I'd go visiting.