Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Doctor's visits...

Pat had a doctor's visit today and was expecting to have his blood drawn, but I was the only one who ended up being poked and prodded today!
I needed to have my prenatal blood work done and we decided to squeeze it in between Pat's doctor's appointment, lunch and the time he went to work.
His doctor's visit was short and sweet... they're trying him on a new medication because the stuff he was taking doesn't seem to be working. At least this time they gave him two sample packs... which keeps him from paying $40 or more for something that doesn't work.
I don't think they're optimistic this will help, but ruling out all possibilities.
He fasted because they wanted blood work, but when no one mentioned it we didn't press. I probably should have, but Pat hates needles like most people hate the dentist.
Thank goodness he isn't the one carrying this baby because an hour later I had four vials of blood taken!
Savannah, in the meantime, was happily walking around and chatting with everyone... all she could say was "Baby, baby, baby" at this couple with an 8-month-old little girl.
Our social butterfly always makes you feel better! 

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