Monday, August 25, 2008

A new toy...

We took Savannah to Harrisonburg today because we had some errands to run and thought it would be different than going to Charlottesville. We had two highlights - the most important was that we got to spend a little time with Savannah's cousin, Samantha (who is a senior at James Madison University).
We met Samantha for lunch and then stopped by her new apartment to visit for a little while... boy, college kids lives a lot better now than they did when I was in school.
We also got Savannah a new toy while we were waiting for Samantha to join us for lunch. We walked down to the little resale store down from the restaurant and found Savannah a talking toy... for $1.50.
It was a Miss Spider Singin' Buggy Bunch... and I included a picture of it above. I checked online and it retails at  $89.99.
This little toy, which includes three babies that you can pull off and put back on their Mommy, kept Savannah entertained while we were at the DMV getting Pat's Virginia license and tag.
It was a very wise investment!

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Megan said...

Sounds like a good way to spend $1.50 :) But WHO would pay 90 bucks for that? Seriously.