Wednesday, August 6, 2008


People always talk about heroes and I've had many of them that have passed through my life over the years... they have helped mold me into the wife, mother and friend that I've become.
I was thinking about heroes today as I looked over my MySpace page because it has a place where you can list your heroes.
When I created my MySpace page a few years ago I mentioned one main hero in my life and that is my Mama. I would have to say that she and my husband, Pat, are my biggest heroes.
I don't need to go into any long speeches as to why Pat is my hero... he takes care of our family and is a wonderful husband and father. I could go on and on about him, but that will be saved for another time.
It's my Mama that I need to wax poetic about at the moment.
Mama was 20 years old when I was born... and she was already the sole support of a family of three. The years between then and now have been filled with her working herself well past her years in age.
Mama injured her shoulder right after Savannah was born and spent almost six months out of work while her injury healed. 
She returned to work full-time right after Daddy died in June and now works six days a week... hard, hard work for very little pay. Mama goes to work with her old knees hurting and barely able to hear, but she continues on.
There are many days I wonder how she does it, but I know it's because she has to do it.
That is just one reason she's my hero.

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Ms. F said...

She is the best! I thank God everyday for giving us the best momma in the world, esp when you hear how awful some other mothers in the family have turned out to be!