Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Growing up...

Savannah had a great visit to the doctor today (even if she had to miss her swimming class). She weighed in at 24.11 lbs. and is 30.25 inches tall (2 feet 6.5 inches tall). She is in the 75th percentile for children her age and right where the doctor wants her to be.
Dr. Mayo said Savannah was a very social child and was impressed that she seems to always be happy. I asked her about several things (including potty training and weaning her off the bottle) and we'll continue to work on those things, but not be in a big rush.
She also got two shots... and Daddy had to leave the room while Mommy held her down. I guess this is going to be our version of "Good cop, bad cop" and lucky me for having to be the bad cop! She did very well considering she got poked and prodded.

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