Monday, February 8, 2010

Made it home...

The children and I returned home today after five days with Grammy and Papa in Virginia Beach. We had a wonderful time, ate some great food (thanks Grammy and Papa for feeding us so well) and most importantly (and regretfully) wore both grandparents out.
We also brought some snow with us as it snowed a few inches in Hampton Roads, but not nearly what we got here at the house.
Pat had to work all weekend so he spent three nights in a hotel near his office... I swear we should buy stock in Doubletree Inn as he's spent more than a week there in the last two months.
I don't think he would ever survive (and neither would I) becoming a traveling salesman as he craves being home as much as I do.
On the way home today, I could see the snow piles get higher and higher the farther north I drove. Along Interstate 64 there north of Richmond there were trees toppled over.
I got home just in time to have Pat try to get the van up the driveway (he wasn't able to) and we lugged the kids and most of our belongings up the rather icy driveway (we had a contractor come out yesterday and clear most of the two feet of snow we got here over the weekend).
Low and behold, we're expecting even more snow tomorrow as the local weather man said we can expect another foot or more to fall on Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm now beginning to think spring will never arrive all I want to do is see the green grass again.

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