Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I can't believe it....

"I can't believe it!"
This is the phrase Savannah has copied from me and now I'm borrowing it back to describe the sight that came this morning with the first light of day.
My last post was about missing Savannah as she was visiting her aunt and uncle last weekend and ended up staying an extra day because we were snowed in. When I wrote that post I had given up hope of getting her on Monday and was just hoping we could get her on Tuesday... then I watched the 5 p.m. news and realized my window of opportunity to get Savannah before the next snowfall was getting shorter as they were predicting snow to start falling Tuesday morning.
Well, I packed Julius up, braved the icy street we lived on and drove up to Centreville to pick up my girl. We went into Charlottesville and picked up Pat and he drove us home (after leaving my car at his office and almost getting stuck coming up the driveway.)
The snow didn't start falling until the afternoon Tuesday, but it continued well into the night.
These are a few of the photos I took at first daylight this morning... and as you can see all of the work Pat did to shovel our driveway Sunday has been covered with more snow (and I'm afraid ice).
This means he'll have to get up this morning and shovel another pathway so he can get back to work tomorrow. Thank goodness he's off today as I'm not sure he would have been able to shovel the driveway before he would have to leave for work.
We're expecting more snow this weekend... and forecasters aren't sure if it will be a little or a lot. To say I'm sick of the snow would be an understatement as I worry about Pat's safety while shoveling and all our of safety when we get on the roads to escape from it.

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