Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Sandra...

I could not let this day pass without writing something about a lady who has become a second Mama to me, my dear friend Sandra.
I met Sandra more than 10 years ago when I briefly dated her son. Although he and I were never meant to be anything more than longtime friends, I've always believed that we were brought together in that way so I could meet his wonderful family.
I clearly remember the first time I met Sandra and have so many memories of our times and talks together. She still considers me one of her own although both her son and I have married different people (who were were meant to be with) and have families of our own.
She loves my husband as if he was her son-in-law and she loves my children as if they were her grandchildren. If I need someone to bring me up or listen to my concerns, I know that I can always call Sandra and she'll be there for me.
Sometimes the most important family members aren't the ones you're born into, but the ones you create for yourself.
So this is my little way of celebrating her today on her birthday... I hope she has a wonderful one!

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