Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I-64 pile-up...

There was a multi-vehicle pile-up on Interstate 64 this morning between Newport News and Williamsburg. This is the same route we take to get back and forth to Virginia Beach and the one I was on Monday when we came home from our "snowescapade" to Mom and Dad's house.
It's scary to think that this would happen less than 48 hours later!
According to the news reports, there were 60 to 70 vehicles involved in this crash in the westbound lanes of traffic and it shut down the interstate all morning as emergency crews worked to clean the mess.
I've covered a multi-vehicle crash in Georgia and it was crazy (I actually had to drive on the wrong side of Interstate 75 to get to the scene).
I can't imagine how wreckers could remove all the vehicles without getting stuck themselves with all of the crazy weather we've experienced in the last few days.
According to the Newport News Daily Press, there were 70 accidents reported this morning and at least one fatality.
It's amazing there wasn't more.

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