Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wiggles Go Bananas Tour 2009

We took the children to see the Wiggles last night and I think they had a great time despite Savannah not getting a nap and being a little cranky.
Julius fell asleep before the concert started, but I think the music and lights quickly woke him. He got a little bug-eyed in the beginning, but soon he was "playing the guitar" and dancing on his Daddy's lap.
The Wiggles, which you can consider a pre-school Beatles group from Australia, put on an hour-long show. These 40-something (and in one case 50-something) guys still have a lot of moves and the show was impressive to me (it's my second Wiggles concert as Savannah and I went last year). Pat seemed to enjoy watching our children enjoy themselves, but I'm not sure he would want us "tailgating" Wiggles concerts like some families do.
Here are a few pictures of our family night out. I'll be posting a few videos later in the morning.

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