Friday, August 28, 2009

Avon calling...

Well, I bit the bullet today and became an Avon saleslady.
My main motivation was to bring in some extra money to the household, but this is something I've thought about on and off for several years.
I know people who are independent sellers... I have a friend who sales MaryKay and one that sells Amway. My Mama used to sell Avon from time to time and she always had success.
I think the key is to believe in the product, but not love it so much you buy up all of your profit.
My goal is to reach out to family and friends and to get out and expand my customer base at neighborhoods and businesses here in Ruckersville.
The great thing about Avon these days (besides having an affordable array of products) is that you can buy from me from anywhere in the country and it will be shipped to your house! Therefore I won't have to call on you, but you can be my customer.
If you're interested in buying some Avon, you can check out my new Web site:

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