Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Fitzgeralds' new Big Red Car...

Well folks, our six-month debate and search for a bigger car is officially over.
Today, we bought a 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan... a truly "Big Red Car."
We were meeting Mom and Dad at the mall and decided to drive by the Dodge dealership just to see if they had any vans there they were willing to part with for a decent price. We've done this so many times that Savannah knew there were toys inside the dealership to play with while we waited.
Pat got out and looked at the shiny red Caravan while the children and I stayed inside the car. Then the salesman, Reginald, came out and they talked for about five minutes... and the salesman told Pat they were offering $4,500 in rebates on the Caravan (I'm not sure if this coincides with the Cash for Clunkers - which we don't have).
So after leaving to meet Mom and Dad and doing a little shopping at the mall, we came back for an official test drive.
An hour or so later, they offered Pat the best deal on a new van that I believe we would ever have been able to find. Between the rebate and the trade-in on our car we were able to get almost half of the price knocked off.
This is a picture of a car just like ours... who knows it could actually be our car, but we didn't take the picture. I promise to take some pictures of the Big Red Car very soon and post them.

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