Monday, August 3, 2009

To gym or not to gym... that is the big question

We took a tour of the ACAC Fitness Center in Charlottesville this afternoon after Pat's doctor visit. I know I posted about our conversation on joining the gym in an earlier post and my concerns of whether it would be worth the money to join.
Well, we took a tour and I'm even now more convinced that if we joined the gym we would have to be VERY dedicated about each going at least four times a week. The only membership that seems worthwhile is a family membership as it provides 2.5 hours of daycare for the children while we worked out.
The facility is huge and has enough machines (or as Savannah called them, dancing machines) that you wouldn't have to wait long or at all to use one. They also have more than 300 weekly group exercise classes per week so there wouldn't be an excuse of finding a good time to go.
The Kids Zone is awesome and there was plenty of play space even though there was a large number of kids (we went at 5 p.m., a busy time at the gym). They have a separate, but also fairly large, room for babies.
The cost per month, with Pat's corporate discount, is $147. That's a considerable amount less than we would pay without the discount, but it's still a large sum of money.
So now the question has to be whether or not we will be committed enough to go if we sign up for a one-year enrollment (the only option they give you).
I'm going to email and ask for a trial-membership so I can see how we make it work and if the children like going.
What do you think about this? I'm asking for all opinions.

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