Monday, August 3, 2009

Refocus and recharge...

Pat and I had a long talk this weekend about the importance of not forgetting ourselves in the busy day-to-day activities of being parents. This was a problem when we just had Savannah and now it's doubled since Julius came along.
So starting this month Pat and I are going to try to have a date night ... a time when we leave the children with a babysitter while we go out for dinner and a movie.
We haven't had a child-free dinner since our wedding anniversary in April and we're long overdue.
Our conversation about priorities also reminded me that it's time to recommit myself to getting the weight off. I've spent the last few weeks losing and gaining the same two pounds and it's because I haven't really focused on my efforts to lose the weight.
Pat asked me what he could do to help me and there really is nothing a person can do to help someone lose weight except continue to encourage them. He asked me if joining the gym might be beneficial, but I'm not ready to commit that money until I can get myself focused again.
We have to continue making ourselves a priority or we won't be any good to our children.

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