Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wiggles time...

Well, all the times I've watched The Wiggles are finally paying off!
The Wiggles, built around a four-man group from Australia, has long been Savannah's favorite television show. She knows many of the Wiggles tunes and sing them right along with the group when we watch them on television or DVD.
Last year Savannah and I traveled to Hampton to see the Wiggles in concert and ended up sitting on the front row... I teared up watching Savannah's face light up when she saw them drive out in the Big Red Car.
Savannah and other kids ended up dancing right in front of the stage right along with the Wiggles and their dancers... she had a wonderful time.
Well, this year the Wiggles are coming to Charlottesville (on Aug. 26) and once again we're going to see them. This time, Pat and Julius will be joining us to make it a family night out and I'm really excited because I know Savannah will enjoy seeing them again.
I volunteered to write a story on the Wiggles concert for Pat's paper and will get to interview Paul Paddick, otherwise known as Captain Feathersword. He is actually the "fourth" Wiggle and is my personal favorite!
Here are a few pictures from last year's show...

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