Sunday, July 12, 2009

Elias Kazuhiro Koza

We have a new member to welcome into the family this morning as Elias Kazuhiro Koza came into the world at 6:59 a.m. He weighs 6 lbs., 12 ounces and is 20.5 inches long... very tiny to Pat and I compared to the two babies we brought into the world!
Mommy, Daddy (our niece and nephew, Erin and Joe) and baby Elias are all doing well (I'm sure too in love to realize how exhausted they are) and we look forward to meeting the Koza's newest family member soon.
The funny thing is I woke up about the time Elias was coming into the world and was wondering how they were doing... little did I know he was making his big grand enterance.

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grannyann said...

If that's his daddy he sure looks like him!! Cute