Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Savannah discovered a blackberry bush in our back yard this morning. I was out working on a freelance story and Pat took the kids outside into our back yard.
While Savannah was exploring up on our little hill she found a small bush covered in unripened blackberries... which were red and she called them strawberries. I don't think it was the color that fooled her, but the fact that she eats more strawberries than blackberries.
She apparently helped her Aunt Kathy and Uncle Tom this weekend by devouring raspberries and blackberries while they were in the middle of picking more. Kathy has some wonderful pictures of Savannah covered in berry juice and she's promised to share those with me so I can share them with you.
It's great to see Savannah enjoying herself and I hope we can go out and "pick" the berries off our vines in the next few days when they ripen.
It reminds me of all the blackberries I picked and ate as a child living on Fox Hill Road in Milledgeville... one of the good memories of our time there.

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