Friday, July 24, 2009

Humans or Animals?

I took Julius to his first study at the University of Virginia's Leaning Lab, where students study the behavior of childrenin various scenarios. Savannah has participated in three studies and I signed Julius up when he was born, but never expected them to call for him so soon.
The focus of this study was to see if babies prefer human or animal faces. I held Julius in my lap while Julius looked at slides of human and animal faces. The technician videotaped Julius' face to see which side he focused on while I kept my eyes closed so he couldn't look up to see what I was looking at.
According to the student, Julius was very alert and seemed to prefer the human faces to animal faces. I admit that I peeked a few times and he really was looking at pictures of humans and animals.
It didn't surprise me that Julius is a people person like I am...

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