Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 4...

Sorry it took so long to get these photos up, but we've been trying to make the most of Pat's three days off from work.
The kids and I spent July 4 at home while Pat worked at the newspaper. Savannah, who has had a big issue with fear in the last few weeks, was a little scared of the noises from our neighbors shooting fireworks. I couldn't even get her outside to sit on the blanket to watch the few fireworks we could see over the tree line around our house.
Savannah did seem to love the fireworks on television and wanted me to rewind them so she could watch them over and over again.
Pat bought a child's packet of fireworks (which had a few packs of sparkers, some confetti guns and boxes of snap and pops. Savannah was really scared of the sparklers, but enjoyed the snap and pops and was actually able to do them herself.
Here are a few photos from July 4 and 5... it was a nice time.

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grannyann said...

cute pics and glad you had a nice 4th