Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A hairy situation....

Julius has picked up the bad habit of hair pulling and poor Savannah is the most likely victim. It started several days ago when I had both of them in my lap and Julius reached over and grabbed a pile of Savannah's fine hair.
She didn't cry or even seem to notice, but I think it was because I grabbed his hand and repositioned her before she got a chance to really feel any pain.
But I wasn't so quick yesterday...
Julius and I were sitting in the recliner when Savannah woke up from her nap and climbed in the chair with us. Before I knew it, Julius leaned in and grabbed a pile of Savannah's hair... and with a big smile on his face he pulled it towards him.
A few times of this and Savannah started saying "Julius pulled my hair!" and she started to cry.
I tried to explain that poor Julius didn't realize he was hurting her... although he did seem to laugh every time he did it.
I even showed her how he grabbed my hair if I put it within his reach... that didn't help either of us as Julius has a helluva grasp!

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