Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Remembering my Daddy...

Today would have been my Daddy's 76th birthday. While it's still sad for me to think that he's no longer here, I know he's better off no longer suffering like he did in the last years of his life.
Daddy was in the hospital this time last year and I called him to wish him a Happy Birthday... it was the last really good conversation I had with him. I can't remember now what we talked about exactly, but I remember Daddy was clear in what he said to me.
Who could have guessed that three days later we would lose him just hours before Savannah and I arrived to say our goodbyes.
My Daddy certainly had a lot of flaws... he could be bitter and judgmental, but I think it was because of disappointments in his own life. But he loved me, Pat and Savannah and I know he would have loved Julius as well.
I asked my cousin, Linda, to pick up some flowers for Daddy's grave and she was kind enough to do that for me. She chose an arrangement of sunflowers, which is a flower Daddy really loved.
Life continues after someone you love dies, but their memory lives on in the memories you carry with you.

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