Saturday, December 19, 2009

Playing in the snow...

I bundled up the kiddies and let them venture a few steps out our back door this morning... Savannah was chomping at the bits to get into the snow, but I think she quickly realized it was almost impossible to walk in, let alone really play!
She did make herself a little pocket and started throwing snow around and having a good time... and only lost one of her gloves (which I quickly recovered).
Poor Julius wasn't quite sure what to make of the white stuff, but he sat in it a few minutes while I snapped some photos.
I hope to let Savannah get back out while Julius takes his afternoon nap so I can let her really enjoy herself. She wants to go out the front door, but I don't dare risk one of them sliding down the hill... I think I'll wait until Pat comes home to let them have that adventure!
Here are a few pictures from our first venture out.

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