Thursday, December 17, 2009

My early Christmas gift...

For a while now, I've been asking Pat for a new camera that would allow me to take pictures of the children at a speed that will move with them. A few days ago he surprised me with my early Christmas gift... a new Canon Rebel.
He gave it to me early so I could be practicing for next week when the Jolly Man comes to see the kiddies. We're going down to Mom and Dad's house in Virginia Beach and I'm hoping to get lots of great shots of paper flying and Julius climbing in and out of the boxes!
This is a powerful camera and I'm still learning all of its functions... so please bear with me as I practice on my children and place many of those pictures on here.
These pictures were taken at a nearby home that is ALL decorated for the holidays.
P.S. The picture of Savannah with the sticky mouth is after she ate cinnamon twists... as you can see she loved them.

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