Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Our future linebacker...

I took Julius to the doctor yesterday for his ninth month check-up. First, it's hard to believe Julius is already nine months old. I can remember this time last year when he was moving around in my belly (like a hard bowl of jelly - sorry for the pun!).
He's such a sweet child, but he is all boy and certainly doesn't know his own strength.
He weighed in at 25.6 lbs. (in the 86th percentile for kids his age) and measured 31 inches in height (97th percentile for kids his age) and with a head circumference of 47 (in the 90th percentile).
Dr. Mayo, our wonderful doctor, said Julius was doing great and looking good. When she walked into the room he was standing and playing with the toys under the patient table.
He also received his second flu shot for the season and his first H1N1 shot... and he and Savannah have to go back later this month to get the rest of the shots (Julius will need his second H1N1 and Savannah will need both flu shots).
I can't believe how fast the children are growing up! Time is flying by!

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