Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Grandpa Gene's favorite cake...

I made a lemon pound cake on Sunday... it was Daddy's favorite cake and I can't make it without thinking about him. It's not a hard recipe at all... in fact, it's just a box of lemon cake mix and a box of lemon jello (along with the other ingredients to make the cake).
I don't know why he loved it so much, but Daddy always asked me to make one of these cakes for him... and he no one could make it like I did so I had to do it.
In the days before he died, I sent him a box of small lemon muffins made from the same recipe. The only difference was I glazed them with a lemon glaze... and I don't think he liked them the way he liked a regular cake.
I bought the ingredients several months ago, but never got up the energy to make the cake because it makes me a little sad. But Sunday I made it to celebrate Pat finally making it home after being "snowed out" of our house for three days.
Here are a few pictures... I think Daddy would approve.

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