Friday, September 12, 2008


My friend, Megan, recently  posted on her blog about a new hobby of exchanging postcards... and that she has started getting postcards from people around the world.
I thought it was a nice idea so I checked out the site ... ... and decided I would give it a try. You have to send out postcards (up to five at a time) and once the person gets the card and posts your identification number than someone in the system gets your address to send you a postcard.
On Monday, I mailed out five postcards... to the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland and Norway. I'm sending postcards I collected during my travels... so a few people got New York City postcards while others got one with Elvis on them from my trip to Memphis.
I got emails today saying that two of my five postcards have arrived at their destinations.
I can't wait to see what kind of postcards I get in the weeks ahead... I'll certainly be posting them on my blog.


Megan said...

I think you'll like it once you start getting cards back. It's a neat surprise in the mailbox usually full of bills and junk.

And it is awesome that 2 of your cards have already arrived in such a short time, more so because all your cards were mailed overseas. I think it was over a week before my first once arrived and I think it was one I mailed to a U.S. address!

I got a neat B&W card today that I'm putting on my blog.

Ms. F said...

Cool this is something that would be great for the kids to start doing! I am going to check out the site!

Megan said...

To ms.f: I've browsed a lot of profiles on the site, and I noticed a lot of people on there seem to do it as a family project, either just for fun or for homeschooling. When they get postcards then they research the places and use them as a learning tool. I think it would be neat for kids.

Ms. F said...

Hi Megan

I thought that would be a good idea, plus my daughter loves to get mail! I signed her up yesterday and have the five addresses ready, I am going to get the cards sent out today. I can't wait until they start coming back!

Megan said...

Hey, that's great! I hope y'all have fun with it. If you want, you can see the postcards I've gotten so far at