Saturday, September 27, 2008

My postcards...

I've received four postcards thus far from my new hobby though I've sent out nine now so I'm still expecting more to come through the mail in the next few weeks.
I wanted to share the ones I've received... but Savannah helping me with the scanner this morning meant I didn't get a chance to scan in a few of the neat stamps that came along with them.
The first postcard was sent to me from Steffi in Nuremberg in Bavaria, Germany. It looks like it would be a wonderful place to visit ... very old world!
The second postcard was sent from Elkka in Vammale, Finland, and it shows this cute child peeking through a hole in the wood. She accented the back of the card with two "stickers" of butterflies. This one was very cute.
These two postcards were here when we arrived home on Monday... things have been so crazy around here that I haven't had time to post them.
The third and fourth cards came this week...
The third postcard was sent from Lajcsak in Serbia and it shows an old world scene that I think is very nice.
And the final postcard came from Veronica in the good old USA... she lives in Ohio and shared with me a postcard from a place where she used to take her children. She said Linesville Spillway has been a popular place for people to come feed the ducks, but now officials want to ban the practice.
I hope to share more postcards as they come in... it's neat to see different parts of the world from your mailbox.

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Megan said...

Cool :) I'm glad you're getting some neat cards. I've gotten several to put on my blog this week, after getting none last week.