Monday, September 22, 2008

Mom and Dad's party...

We had a wonderful time at Mom and Dad Fitzgerald's 50th anniversary party yesterday. I got a chance to meet many of Pat's cousins (who he hasn't seen in years)... everyone was so happy to celebrate with Mom and Dad and they had a wonderful day.
I'm going to post my favorite pictures and I'm hoping Uncle Don and some of the cousins will share some of their pictures with me... because I'm sure they got many more great shots than I did.
Savannah was wearing a dress that her Grammy made more than 24 years ago for Cousin Erin... and it has been passed along to each of the five granddaughters. We're hoping to get some professional pictures taken of Savannah before we put the dress away and save it for the first great-granddaughter to wear in the future.
Here are the first five... 

1. Daddy and Savannah pose in the kitchen before the party begins... Savannah will be passed from person to person before the day is over.
2. Savannah and her Grammy pose in the kitchen before guests started to arrive.
3. Cousin Erin holds Savannah while we listen to Pat, the accordion player we hired to play for the party. He sat outside for three hours and played a variety of tunes (his picture will be up later - and probably before you see these).
4. Savannah dancing to the music... she just clapped and danced around while people were arriving. You can see Cousin Erin's foot in the picture... five of us got spa pedicures and manicures on Saturday (Thanks again Mom!).
5. Pat poses with his siblings: (from left to right): Pat, Sharon, Kathy and Ralph.

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