Monday, September 22, 2008

More pictures from the party...

Here are a few more of the pictures we took yesterday... 

1. A picture of the whole family: (from left to right) - Pat, Sharon, Dad, Mom, Kathy and Ralph.
2. The cake - which originally had a 50th anniversary topper, but we replaced it with the topper Mom and Dad used at their wedding 50 years ago (and Erin and Joe used at their wedding last year). It was great cake!
3. Savannah kept running over to the next door neighbors',  The Webbs, to see their dog, Maggie. She loved looking at "doggie", but she would never get too close.
4. Pat, the accordion player, could certainly play some great tunes.
5. I love this shot of Pat and his sisters as they were standing in a group shot of the cousins... there were several people taking this photo (and I hope to get one from Uncle Don because I think most people were looking his way), but I caught this candid photo of the three of them and had to share.

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Ms. F said...

Looks like everyone had a wonderful time!