Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mama's visit...

Would you believe that most everyone in the house is sick the week Mama is here visiting from Georgia? Thank goodness she's here because I've been able to turn Julius over to her while I deal with Savannah.
Savannah got sick Saturday night... hours after her aunts Debbie and Sharon came to visit and two days before my Mama came in. She was feeling fine and then she suddenly started vomiting... we ended up taking her to the emergency room on Sunday as the doctor on call didn't think we should wait until Monday to get her in.
She has a stomach virus... and Pat caught it on Tuesday. Needless to say it hasn't made for the best visit. I have a little fever, but have still been able to keep things going around here... guess that is what Mamas have to do.
Savannah was feeling better on Wednesday so we took her up Skyline Drive... more for Mama than for the kids. Savannah seemed fine until we got home and then she got sick again... I think we overdid it and I feel really bad about it.
I wanted to post a few pictures... as you can see Savannah wasn't feeling up to par.

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