Saturday, March 28, 2009

Feeling better...

I wanted to let you all know the kids are feeling a little better (although they still have some congestion). I took Savannah to the pediatrician yesterday just as a precaution and there was no sign of chest congestion or an ear infection... the nurse listened to Julius' chest and he was clear also.
Of course, my poor babies sound terrible at night as they's not exactly the way I expected to start my spring.
The doctor said it might be another week before the congestion is gone, but the worst is over... hopefully. He said we could return to our normal routine and be around other people... so I took Savannah over to see Brooke and Haiden (who are also on the mend from their colds) and will be taking them to see their Aunt Kathy and Uncle Tom today. We're leaving Thursday afternoon for Virginia Beach to see their grandparents for several days... it will be nice to get away.

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