Thursday, January 8, 2009

New friends...

Savannah and I have been busy this week getting out and making friends.
After being cooped up in the house for two weeks due to sickness and the holidays, we ventured out on Monday for a play date at C'Ville Coffee in Charlottesville.
I have to say this is the most kid-friendly coffee shop I've ever been to. It was designed to be a place for both families and singles to hang out and there was an entire section that was dedicated to people with little ones.
Not only did I meet with the ladies from my group, but I also talked with other stay-at-home moms. Most importantly, Savannah had a blast playing with all of the other children and she ran around, gathered up toys from the toy box and looked at books with the other kids.
I guess she had more pent-up energy than I thought.
We continued our outings yesterday with an afternoon play date at another mommy, Heather's, house. She has two children, Brooke, who is 22 months, and Hayden, who is almost six months.
The girls had a blast together... this was the first time we had just the two girls together. There was one point in the afternoon when they got into a giggle fest and couldn't stop laughing... one would laugh and the other would laugh.
It was wonderful to see my little girl make her first official friend!
Later in the evening, Heather and I left the children with a babysitter (whose name was also Savannah) and joined a couple of other mommies for dinner. The four of us had a blast and spent three hours in a hubby and child-free environment.
I didn't realize how much I missed the company of other women until I was able to enjoy a few hours with ladies traveling on the same journey of life that I'm on.
It was very nice indeed!

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Anonymous said...

It is nice when you can get out with other women, we all need that companionship. Glad Savannah is getting with other kids also.