Sunday, January 11, 2009

Checklist for Julius...

I've been trying to come up with a needs list for Julius... so we can make sure we have what we need once he arrives.
It was easy when Savannah was on the way because we needed everything... and we got so much stuff there was some things we never used.
Fast forward two years and I want to do things differently... I want to make sure we get what we'll actually use and not waste money.
One of the nice things this time is that we've kept a lot of the big-ticket items and I have a friend who has offered to loan us a few things so we don't have to go into any extra expense to get them.
I've also learned that many people will buy clothes... and I've bought a few things for Julius and my friend, Heather, is handing down things her son, Haiden, can no longer wear.
So I'm trying to think of the other things he'll need:

- a Boppy to use when nursing... because Savannah certainly isn't going to give up hers.
- new Avent #1 bottle nipples in case we need to supplement or if I'm able to pump this time around.
- bathing stuff for Julius... a little boy should should only have so many pink towels to be dried off on.
- receiving blankets
- socks, booties and hats
- little pee wee covers... to keep him for shooting us in the eye when we change his diaper
- disposable diapers... just so we can put under him in case he has accidents... little boys on known to do that.

I also have to come up with a few things to give Savannah so she won't get too upset about being the big sister... I know we need to get her a shirt to wear on the big day.
Please send me any suggestions you think I might have forgotten... pregnancy brain has a way of making me forget things.

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