Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year...

Sorry it has taken a few days to post, but everyone in our house has been sick with a stomach virus.
Savannah got it first and has suffered the most. She hasn't been feeling well since the days before Christmas, but we finally had to take her to the doctor Tuesday after she started vomiting clear fluids.
She was diagnosed with a stomach virus and sent home with two suppositories... and instructions to keep her filled with fluids and slowly introduce foods. Five days later, she's feeling better but is not back to her normal eating or drinking patterns.
Pat was the next to get sick... he spent the first hours of 2009 rushing from the bed to the bathroom. Although the worst part of his virus ended after one day he still isn't feeling at 100 percent.
I've been lucky and spared the worse of the virus... which is good because someone had to take care of the others. I'm not sure how we would have survived had I gotten as sick as Pat was... it certainly would have been miserable.
Sickness kept us from having our New Year's Day dinner... so I'm planning on making that today if Pat and Savannah's stomachs can tolerate the smell of the cooking.
I hope everyone else out there has had a better 2009 thus far... we're still counting on it to be a great year.


Megan said...

Glad y'all are over the worst of it. Hope everyone gets fully recovered soon.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are all okay now. How are you feeling?

Sharon's New Life said...

We're getting better... Savannah's appetite has come back and Pat doesn't seem to have a sour stomach anymore.
It's good to get back to normal!