Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pizza Making/Pool Party Playdate

We went over to our friend, Megan's, house today for a pizza-making and pool party play date and once again the kids had a ball! Julius just loves the sprinkler and it's fun to watch him run around and have such a great time. Savannah just loves having the other children to play with and with some of the other Mamas having babies there has been a great mix of kids to visit with.
Here are some pictures of the kids playing and then I'll post a few of Savannah making our dinner - a pepperoni, onion and black olive pizza. It was quite tasty and just one piece put Savannah right to sleep (Julius hasn't had a chance to eat his yet as he was ready for 'night night' when we got home).
Great time with a lot of great ladies and their beautiful children!

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Cat J B said...

What a fun thing to do with the kids! We're not allowed to do sprinklers here due to water restrictions. I like the decorate your own pizza thing though, I need to try that with mine.