Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010...

I just went back to last year at this time and read the posting... and it should have been a hint into how crazy our 2009 would be. Last year, Pat and Savannah were both suffering with a stomach virus and I was trying to make it through the last weeks of my pregnancy.
This year was much better as everyone was healthy and we rang in the new year with a few glasses of champagne (although Pat did conk out long before I did). We had a wonderful dinner on New Year's Day (spiral ham, scalloped potatoes, asparagus casserole, deviled eggs, rolls and key lime cheesecake) and it was overall a good day.
It's hard to believe how quickly 2009 went by and the best thing we brought out of the year was our Julius... who has lit up our lives in so many ways. We also had a few more babies added to both sides of the family, mended fences that needed to be mended and walked away from things that needed to be left in the past.
Here is a to a better 2010... we already know it's going to be interesting because Pat's job is ending in the next few months as they move his part of the newspaper to another location.
Pat is waiting for a call on a job interview he had in December and we're all eager for new challenges that lay ahead.

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