Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Seeing Grandpa...

Savannah and I were sitting in the van yesterday in front of Harris Teeter when I heard her say "Grandpa, Grandpa." I look behind me and saw an elderly couple going into the store - a woman pushing her husband in a wheelchair.
Although I briefly thought about Dad Fitzgerald, who Savannah calls "Papa", I quickly realized she was thinking about my Daddy. The man was much smaller than Daddy, but with the way he sat in his chair I was reminded of my own father.
Savannah only saw Daddy a few times, but when we get on YouTube and look at her birthday video she sees him sitting in his wheelchair telling her how much he loves her and will miss her.
It's amazing to me that she can still have any memory of Daddy as she was just a year old when he died. Although I'm sure she's remembering the video, it still brought tears to my eyes that she thought of him when she saw that man in the wheelchair.
Daddy certainly wasn't perfect, but he loved us the best way he knew how and I know he loved Savannah. It was nice to smile while thinking of him in that moment.

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