Saturday, October 3, 2009

Birthday Cake...

Pat baked me a wonderful birthday cake for my special day... I asked him to do that instead of spending a lot of money on one from our favorite bakery.
Savannah was eyeing my cake from the moment Pat put it into the cake plate. So it's no surprise that she wanted to come home and dive into my cake now that it was my official birthday (it didn't help that we had a preview of cake with the brownie and ice cream at Cracker Barrel.
Here are a few pictures from our adventure... needless to say Julius went straight from his chair to the bathtub!
The cake was YUMMY!!!!
Hours later, I was taking a nap and Savannah sort of destroyed my cake by taking the candles and sticking them in and out of the cake so she could eat the frosting off the bottom.

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grannyann said...

what cute pictures. 37 you are must a baby yourself. Happy Birthday