Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Birthday...

Thanks to Media General's wonderful furlough program, Pat was able to be with me and the children on my birthday. We decided to spend the day away from the house and enjoying the nice weather.
We took off this morning around 10:30 heading to Carter's Mountain for their apple festival. It was nice outside... not too hot and not too cold... and the leaves are just beginning to change their colors.
I will tell you that the apple festival wasn't really a festival at all... just a way for the company to get a mass of people there to buy their products. We left after about 45 minutes and only bought a jar of peach and jalapeno jam (very good with a little bite).
We then went out to lunch at the Cracker Barrel... a weird choice, but it was what I wanted. I had a nice meal (chicken and rice) and Julius helped me eat my corn and butter beans.
The Cracker Barrel ladies brought out a brownie and ice cream at the end of our meal to wish me a Happy Birthday and we slowly walked our stuffed butts out of the restaurant after a full meal.
We finished our afternoon with a trip home via Skyline Drive and although we planned to take a hike, the children conked out in the car seats and we came on home.
I've had a lovely day with many birthday wishes from family and friends and a beautiful card from Mom and Dad.
Here are a few photos from our day... you'll notice I couldn't even get Julius to smile as he was focused on all the other kids in the pumpkin patch.

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