Thursday, October 1, 2009

Coach Fitz...

I took the children to our first ever girl's field hockey game on Tuesday. It was mainly to support my niece, Samantha, who is coaching her high school's field hockey team this year.
Samantha graduated from James Madison University in May and is coaching while she looks for a full-time job.
We went to watch her team, North Stafford, play the local girls from Albemarle High School.
The game was interesting, but I spent most of my time making sure Savannah kept herself out of trouble.
The game ended after two quarters with the score 0-0, but it was fun to see Samantha stretching her coaching skills. We got a chance to visit for a few minutes before she had to get back to watching the girls and I had to get the kids out of the cold.
Here are a few pictures from our outing...

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