Saturday, May 30, 2009

On the Weight Watchers wagon again...

I'm officially a member of Weight Watchers again... and after giving birth to two babies in three years I guess it's time to start focusing on my own health once and for all. I have to get some of this weight off so I can chase after these two as Savannah already wears me out!
I've been on WW several times over the years and always had luck losing weight... was on the program when I got pregnant both times and then had to stop. I'm hoping this will be the last time I join and will one day be a "Lifetime" member, a status you achieve by getting to goal weight and maintaining it.
I took Julius to the meeting and he was a hit with the other attendees... he's such a sweetie!

My kitchen helper...

Julius sat in the kitchen with me last night as I cooked dinner. This is a little trick I used with Savannah when she was old enough to sit in the Bumbo seat and she loved it.
I've been worried about putting Julius on the counter while Savannah was here because I didn't want her to pull him down (she can reach for things on the counter).
So while she's visiting Aunt Kathy and Uncle Tom this weekend I decided it was time to let Julius help me with the cooking... and here are a few pictures.

More photos from Virginia Beach...

Here are a few more photos we took while in Virginia Beach last weekend. We'll be spending more time down there as we want to see Grammy and Papa as much as possible as these kiddies are growing so fast!

Monday, May 25, 2009

New playset

Savannah and her Daddy put a new play set together at Grammy and Papa's house on Sunday. It has a little slide and swing and will be perfect for the children to play in when we come to Virginia Beach to visit.
We've had a blast visiting Grammy and Papa and will be back in a few weeks for another visit.

My beautiful boy...

certainly is growing fast! Here are a few pictures I took yesterday in Virginia Beach.
He's such a sweet boy!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cooking up a storm...

Savannah got a new toy to play with this weekend. We bought her a play kitchen from Pat's boss and it came on Saturday with a grocery bag filled with plastic food and other items needed to make her cooking dreams complete.
The kitchen even has it's own cell phone (which Savannah loves, by the way).
Here are a few pictures from her first night of playing with it.


Pat has been feeding the feral cats since we moved to the little house on the hill. Several months ago a young calico cat showed up and we started feeding her... then she got much too big to be a cat that was just fed by us... then she got small again.
We figured out that she must have had babies... so on Wednesday Pat mentioned that he wondered when we would see the kittens.
This is what appeared on our front door Thursday afternoon!
Savannah gets so excited when she sees them... and scares them away when she runs up and shouts "Babies, babies!"

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Babies in the Bumbo...

I put Julius in the Bumbo seat today and he loved it until his sister came along to play with him. I had to compare photos so I pulled out one when Savannah was about his age and just beginning to sit in the Bumbo seat... I used it to do all my cooking because I could keep her with me and she was a good helper.
Poor Julius probably won't get any peace in the Bumbo seat... and I know better than to put him anywhere near the edge for her to pull him and the Bumbo seat down off the counter.
The last picture is Savannah "dancing" with her brother... the poor kid doesn't have a chance.

Julius at three months...

It's hard to believe three months have passed since our little guy came into the world... although he looks like he's five or six months old, it was only three months ago that I was counting down the minutes until he was here.
Julius is such a sweet little boy... he's now smiling a lot (especially at his big sister) and has a grasp that can squeeze the life out of your little finger.
Here are a few pictures I took to capture him at three months.

Samantha's graduation....

I borrowed these pictures from Erin's Facebook page so I could share them with all of you (and most of them are of the children so she can show off all the great photos she took.)
Our niece, Samantha, graduated last weekend from James Madison University in Harrisonburg. Pat and Julius went along with Erin and Joe to the actual graduation while Savannah and I stayed behind to pick up her birthday cake. We joined everyone for a party hours later and Savannah was the belle of the ball (as you can see from a few of these photos).
I can't believe how big our kiddies are getting!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A few more party pictures...

These are a few of the pictures Pat and I took... I had each of the kids (except Julius and Haiden) make a Mother's Day card for a special lady in their life. Savannah made a card for Aunt Kathy.
We had such a great time celebrating and visiting with everyone and Aunt Kathy and Uncle Tom got a chance to meet all of Savannah's friends.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Partners in crime...

This is one of my favorite shots of Savannah and Brooke.

Just in case you didn't see enough...

More party pictures...

Here are a few more photos... Heather takes amazing photos.

Savannah's Wiggily Party...

We had Savannah's Wiggily 2nd birthday party today and it was quite a success despite the fact that several people had to cancel their plans to be with us.
We celebrated her big day on the day she was actually scheduled to come into the world, but nine days after he birthday day.
Thanks to Aunt Kathy and Uncle Tom and our friends Heather, Melissa and Jocelyn for taking away from their Mother's Day to celebrate with us. Savannah celebrated with her friends Brookie, Haiden, Jayden and Aidan (along with Julius).
Here are a few pictures Heather, Brooke and Haiden's Mom, took at the party.