Friday, July 30, 2010

Family photos...

Our friends and former co-workers, Dan and Amelia Hale, were gracious enough to meet with us earlier this month and take our family photos while we were on vacation in South Carolina.
Their work is absolutely beautiful and if you want to check them out please go to
Here are some of my favorites...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nighttime at the Fitzgeralds...

I turned in early last night and woke up to find Pat and Savannah had been outside lighting sparklers... I didn't find the sparklers themselves, but instead found these wonderful pictures Pat took of their adventures while Julius and I slept.
I'm glad Pat has some time to spend with each of the children as that is one thing this layoff has allowed us... more time together.

Our garden...

Well, our little 4x4 garden survived being left to fend for itself while we were on vacation a few weeks ago. It's amazing to me the fact that I haven't killed all of it.
I promised myself during this last winter that I would grow something in our garden if we survived the piles of snow we had and I feel like I've accomplished that because I have a few tomatoes on my plants and the first is about to ripen (as you can see in these pictures).
I also have pumpkins, squash, cucumbers, strawberries and corn in our little garden and although several plants have had flowers, only a few have had fruit.
I keep telling Pat that if all five tomatoes on our vines ripen that we'll have the most expensive tomatoes of my life... I just hope they're also the most tasty!

A new "water table"...

We thought the kids needed a water table to play with outside... since the temperatures have been in the upper 90s and they love all things with water in them.
We bought one at Toys R Us, but it didn't work properly so I took it back. Pat then decided he would make one out of an old storage container we had for recycled items.
I look at these pictures and I'm amazed at how quickly the children are growing up... it scary to see, but also good to know they are healthy and happy.

Julius and Mama time...

Julius woke up Saturday morning at 5:30 a.m. and of course it was Mama who got up with him. While he was in full-force, I was on two cylinders... but I did manage to get these pictures of our time together.
I know I'm a little biased, but I think my son is just the most handsome child!

Dancing Savannah...

I took these pictures of Savannah the other night as she entertained us with her dancing... we need to get her into dancing classes soon as she loves to move to the music.

Home again...

Sorry I've been away from the blog for more than a week, but I came home to a pile of freelance work I needed to finish when we came home from vacation last Saturday.
It's hard to believe that it's just been a week since we came home from vacation as it seems so long ago. Having Pat home has been both a blessing and a curse because it's nice to have another set of hands, but it's stressful to not really know where the future lies for us on the job front.
I'm not going to go into all of that worry, but instead post some pictures from our visit to South of the Border, a wacky place Pat visited as a child on family trips and one we've been two twice now as we traveled down Interstate 95 southbound.
South of the Border is a group various shops filled with crazy crap... you name it and they probably have it.
Here are a few pictures from our visit... we left with some fireworks (just sparklers and smoke bombs) and three T-Shirts.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Watermelon time on the island...

There is nothing better after a trip to the pool than taking a little nap and waking up to some cool watermelon.
Pat and I actually had a little time to ourselves when the children napped yesterday and we enjoyed ourselves relaxing and reading on the screened in porch at the back of the condo.
Our condo overlooks a pond and although it's not on the beach, we're in the newest building and it has the best thing a family could ask for... a washer/dryer in the unit! I swear we've already washed five loads of clothes and the only dirty ones we brought Sunday were the ones on our backs!

Pool time in Pawleys Island...

We're staying at a wonderful resort here on Pawleys Island and it has a great pool area for families... in fact, the resort is huge and has several pools but this one is the one for our condo building.
This pool area was built with young kids in mind and the water in any of the pools only goes to 5.5 feet deep. There is also a great space for kiddies with a wading pool.
We went over in the morning and Savannah begged for us to take them back after dinner... and we did.
Here are some shots from our morning pool session...

Pawley's Island- Day 1

We arrived in Pawleys Island, S.C., on Sunday afternoon and have been enjoying our little vacation... it's amazing what little effort it takes to have a little fun when you need it so badly!
Last week, Pat was laid off from his job and got two calls back on jobs he applied for. He actually has a phone interview this morning for a job and we're hoping it goes good. Even if these jobs don't work out it's nice to know his resume is getting some notice.
I wanted to share a few pictures from our time on the beach Sunday afternoon. We didn't stay for the fireworks and had two very rowdy children do deal with after a long car ride and new scenery... it was almost 4 a.m. Monday before both of them were sleeping at the same time!
We're here for the week and have been having a blast so far... and so much that it's taken me a few days to blog!
Here are some pictures from our first few days of vacation!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The hard work of marriage...

I wanted to share a quote I found in the May issue of Good Housekeeping... in the last of the re-cycled magazines I brought home from Mom and Dad Fitzgerald's house a few weeks ago.
The magazine is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year and every issue has been dedicated to how the publication has shaped the lives of women. This issue was the big issue and included the 125 women who changed the world's landscape in some way and an interview with First Lady Michelle Obama.
It was in the Obama interview that I found a quote I wanted to share here. The story is an overall interview, but it's what she said about the importance of understanding that marriage is more than just a big ceremony. It's the work afterward that either makes or breaks you as a couple and it is something every couple goes through.
I look at my own marriage and I know there are things I could do better and praises I could give more often. There are free moments with Pat that I could take, but I check my email instead and days when I let his teasing get under my skin a little too much.
Then I read something like this and it makes me realize everyone who is married goes through the same things. Situations might be different, but every person who has been in a relationship has worried they weren't doing enough or doing too much and wondering where the best balance lies.
We're now facing a new challenge as Pat's job has ended and we'll both be on the job hunt once we return from the beach. This trip, although it doesn't come at the best financial time for us, will probably be our last chance to get away for more than a few days as we hope one of us will be gainfully employed soon.
I'm trying very hard not to let my fears about the future interrupt our excitement about going away for our first family vacation. It has certainly helped that both of us have gotten nibbles on recent jobs we've applied for and hope to have at least one interview set up after we return from vacation.
It's in crisis that couples must come together and work towards a solution that is best for our family. I guess it's why this quote from Michelle Obama spoke to me this morning...

Here is what she said on what people can learn from the Obama's marriage...

"... Marriage is hard work. Even the best of marriages require a lot of hard work - even if you're married to your soul mate who has very few flaws. Building a life with a person other than yourself, and raising kids and dealing with all of the bumps and the bruises and the joys and the pains that go along with life, that creates the natural state of marriage, and it's a challenge.
I say that to people not to discourage them, but to say that you will inevitably hit those bumps. Don't view that as a shortcoming of yourself or your spouse or your marriage. Don't give up on it. Just understand that you're going along the path that everybody else goes on. Go in ready for the work."

I couldn't have said it better myself...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Packing our bags...

I'm hoping by the time I post again, it will include pictures from our trip! Pat and I have already started packing the car (he put his beers - given to him as parting gift from his co-workers - and other beverages in the bottom cubby hole).
I'm sure we'll have a loaded down vehicle as I'm going to take way too much in case I need it and hope that we'll be bringing a lot less back because we've used it!
I hope all of you have a wonderful July 4th and weekend... and we'll be in touch with you from the beach!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Making new friends...

My Wee View

New Friend Fridays



Happy Friday and an early Happy July 4th! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you find something here that entertains you and makes you want to stop by again.
This has been an interesting week in our house as my husband worked his last day as a newspaper copy desk chief... and now he's unemployed.
It's a scary time indeed, but he woke up this morning to find a follow-up on a job he applied for last week... and by the end of the day of his first day of unemployment he had taken a copy editing test for a new job!
Hopefully he'll hear some positive news on the test!
Then next big thing we have going on here is vacation... we leave Sunday morning for a week-long trip to South Carolina. We've rented a condo near the beach and hope to have our first real vacation since Pat and I married more than four years ago.
We've traveled to see family and friends, but we've never had a trip just for us... and so we will accomplish that goal soon enough!
Anyway, enough about me and mine... thanks for stopping by and hope you come back to check on us from time to time.