Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Our laptop computer...

I think our laptop computer has finally bitten the dust.
When Pat and I married, we each brought a computer into the the mix... he had a trusty Mac laptop and I had a dreaded PC... it was the first computer I bought for myself and couldn't afford to make the $1,000 investment on a Mac.
Anyway, we downsized to just one computer and sent mine to Georgia for my sister, Lynn. Fast forward two years and an active toddler  later and Pat's trusty laptop has bitten the dust.
This Mac laptop model apparently wasn't built to withstand a toddler's knock overs... so after replacing the plug-in cord four times, Savannah knocked the computer over last week and broke the male part of the plug into the computer itself.
Although I finally scraped the plug out, the computer part has to be replaced... and when we took it to the "doctor" today he said it would be $350... not really worth it for a computer that is really out of date.
We have the newer iMac computer... which we bought after Savannah arrived last year so it's not like we're computer free. But the laptop was very handy and I could do my freelance work in the living room while watching Savannah instead of having to lug our big computer into the kitchen... where it now sits since we have little space in the house.
Pat is sending the laptop off to a California company in the hopes of getting it working for $200, but we won't know until it gets out there and they look at it... if it's much more we're not going to make that investment.
In the meantime, I'll be working on my freelance in the kitchen and around Savannah's sleeping schedule... she likes to climb up in my lap and play with all of the "big buttons".

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