Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lost and FOUND!!!!

Over  the weekend, I noticed that my wedding ring was missing. Although most women have two rings, I've always had just one (long story that I'll save for another time). 
It's a solitaire and certainly not one with the biggest stone, but it's the one I picked out and has plenty of meaning (and stone) for me.
Anyway, I digress.
I realized several days ago that my ring was no longer in its usual spot on the baby monitor in  the living room... the makeshift ring holder for both of our wedding rings (mine and Pat's). I checked my next favorite spot on the coffee table and it wasn't there either.
Savannah loves to hold my ring and look at it... I've found her with it several times and then had to chase her down as she ran from. My ring, which I usually take off when I'm at home, can be dangerous and has scratched her from time to time.
I conducted a cursory search on Saturday, but still had no worries... we had the family Christmas gathering to go to and I had other things to do. Besides, Savannah would be at her Aunt Kathy's house for a few days so I knew there would be plenty of time to see where her small hands had taken my ring. 
Yesterday, I walked around the house checking the carpet, cleaned out the toy box and moved furniture in an effort to find my ring. I also tried to remember when I last wore my ring out of the house.
I finally decided to check our trash can in the kitchen before Pat  took the trash down for collection. Savannah loves to throw her dirty diapers (and apparently other things) in the trash can and usually gives herself a round of applause for achieving her effort.
Pat pulled the trash bag out and was about to close it when I told him to let me look inside for my ring... and he hesitated because the smell was horrible. I pulled out another trash bag and started transferring trash from one bag to the other.
First, I found smelly used diapers, empty cans of cat food and other household trash. Pat left the room and came in to tell me I was crazy to be going through the mess for my ring.
I continued until I got to the end... where I found my wedding ring among the crumbs of food! 
It finally dawned on me that I had taken my ring off the other day after scratching Savannah's arm after we got home from running errands.
I guess she wanted to get  rid of the cause of her boo boo once and for all!


Megan said...

I'm so glad you found it!

Isabella's dad said...

Oh, God, it's not just us! And I'm glad to hear you guys are back together.

Isabella's tried to throw out a bunch of toys, so we're policing the trash now. But a hand soap dispenser went missing the other day -- we've looked ... and a digital camera went missing about a month ago and still hasn't turned up.

Every day is an adventure, and not terribly predictable. =)