Thursday, September 2, 2010

Not quite off the charts, but close...

Julius had his 18-month check-up yesterday. It was a few weeks late because we had an insurance change due to Pat's job loss.
Julius weighed in at 35.97 lbs. and was 36.5 inches in length... he's in the 97th percentile for weight and height for kids his age. His weight was up a little bit this time for his growth chart while his height stayed about the same pattern as it had last time.
The nurse that saw us told me not to worry because Julius was probably in the middle of a growth spurt and would grow into his weight gain. I can tell he's in a growth spurt now because he's sleeping a lot and is cranky... both signs he's shown during previous growth spurts.
The nurse also tested Julius' hand/eye coordination, his speaking skills and his ability to play... all things they check when they're looking for signs of autism.
I'm happy to say Julius passed all of the test with flying colors and she said he was a very smart little boy and well within his age range.
She was even impressed he's used the potty a few times this week... yes, my 18-month-old will use the potty when his sister won't!

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